Gospel Folk Eclectic – Now Available!

I recorded a 5-track EP really as a challenge to myself this year as I work well with a deadline. It’s a personal triumph that I was able to get it done and today, Sept 15 (my dad’s birthday) it is available for streaming and download. It’s got a couple of original tracks that I wrote, and a few that I didn’t.

  1. I Feel Fine (3:05) was inspired by my grandfather and also my dad. A song about getting older and more forgetful and all that.
  2. Will The Circle Be Unbroken (3:01), a gospel classic that seems to keep popping up in shows I’m in. I just like this song.
  3. Crossing The Bar (2:26) based on a classic Alfred Tennyson poem, was the song my grandfather wanted sung at his funeral. He was a sailor, too.
  4. O Snow (3:55) by Dayna Manning – my favorite song by one of my favorite artists.
  5. The Mattress Song (2:07) was written after a good friend of mine told me to stop being frustrated by not writing songs that I thought were “good enough” and just write anything, even a silly song.

Sample and/or buy it digitally here wherever you stream your music.

Or come see me in St. Jacob’s after a performance of Good Ol’ Country Gospel for CDs (SOLD OUT).